Band: PelleK
Album title: Bag Of Tricks
Label: Liljegren Records
Distributor: Bertus
Release date: 30/05/2012
Release: CD

Pelle K. The name that was chosen for a band from a guy who won the Norwegian version of  "The X-Factor". So yes we are a bit skeptical with this one. Anyway, the band takes an approach to melodic power metal.
This record can best be described as (or better compared to) something like Lordi did. Don't get me wrong it’s totally different, but what they have in common is winning a music competition TV show witch go them some attention. They deserve it, but what happens when the hype is over?
Their record maybe called Bag Of Tricks, but that bag isn't that deep. It all sounds well but it lacks depth and power to keep you interested. It does have a lot of variation however going from power metal songs to ballads and back. Its well-produced, has some catchy mainstream tunes, but diehard fans of this genre will probably want to ignore this one