CD REVIEW Pretty Maids

Band : Pretty Maids
Album title : It Comes Alive
Label : Frontiers Records
Distributor : Rough Trade Benelux - Tone
Release Date : 23/03/2012
Release : CD

Pretty Maids are a band that have been around for some thirthy odd years, have had their ups and downs, but who’ve persisted and tried a come back in 2010 with their very good album ‘Pandemonium’.  I still vividly remember listening for the first time to their debut album ‘Red, Hot and Heavy’ back in 1984. 

This live album was recorded in 1984.  There is also a DVD available, which actually, believe it or not, is their first live DVD.  And to say that nowadays some bands manage to record a DVD or release a ‘best of album’ after they’ve only released a couple of albums, never to be heard of again some years later.  No, then I prefer bands like these, who struggled on, kept on playing, and who after thirty years still can boast that they have a solid fan base, and have managed to release songs that are still remembered after all these years.

At 21 songs on the CD this album is worth every penny.  It more or less spans their whole career, although they’ve not included songs from each of their studio albums.  But who cares. The hits are there, like ‘Back to back’, and of course ‘Red, Hot and heavy’ (no set would be complete without this track).

There may be only two of the original band members left, but these guys still kick ass.  Not being a heavy fan of live albums, I quite enjoyed listening to this one. Keep up the good works lads, and bring us more good albums in the following years.


Erik Morren.