CD REVIEW Running Wild

Band : Running Wild
Album title : Shadowmaker
Label : Steamhammer/SPV
Distributor : Suburban
Release Date : 23/04/2012
Release : CD

I only got a copy of the CD, but I didn’t care, because I’m not that interested in a DVD with as subject the ‘making of…’.  

Some three years after is seemed Mr. Kasparek had switched of Running Wild here he returns with a complete new album.  For those who want to know, different versions of this album are available.  As mentioned before option 1 is the CD + DVD.  Then there’s a vinyl edition containing 2 LP’s, and finally there’s a limited box set pressed on 1500 copies.

Now when I saw the name Running Wild suddenly the nightmares of a horde of teuton metal bands vying for supremacy over Europe returned (just kidding of course), but anyway this name brought me back to the eighties when all of a sudden there were lots of German bands around, some very good, some mediocre, and some really bad.

While Running Wild was not my top favorite band, I did enjoy some of their songs, but had long forgotten about their existence since, so consequently I hadn’t followed their career.

After listening to this album  a couple of times, I have a split opinion about it.  It’s not a bad album, but it lacks highlights.  Most songs are mid tempo, and are sometimes even vaguely bordering on the hard rock, rather than the heavy metal side. 


Erik Morren.