Band : Shear
Album title : Breaking the Stillness
Label : Life Force Records
Distributor : Suburban
Release date : 26/03/2012
Release : CD

Finland might be cold as hell, when it comes to high quality of the metal kind, it's definitely the best-oiled machine worldwide. Whenever this country offers a metal band, it guarantees another convincing add to the list of refreshing metal.
Shear is a completely new band with one gorgeous girl singing her lungs out on Breaking the Stillness, the band's first real release. Don't let the term 'female-fronted metal' scare the shit out of you. Alexa is far from the typical front woman of any female-fronted metal band. She has such an incredibly accessible voice, though with some raw edges. The style on Breaking the Stillness can be described as a perfect mixture of power, progressive, melodic and classic metal. The songs are very catchy and every song holds another inspiring element. It's quite striking to notice so quickly how mature this band is. Time for a tour? Definitely!
With Breaking the Stillness, the Finnish all-round metal band Shear immediately prove to be one of the newest pearls from their productive country. With Alexa, a vocalist with stunning looks and vocal chords, success is not too far away.