CD REVIEW Sonic Station

Band : Sonic Station
Album title : Sonic Station
Label : Frontiers Records
Distributor : Rough Trade Benelux - Tone
Release Date : 24/02/2012
Release : CD

Sonic Station is a band/project that sprung from the mind of Alexander Kronbrink.  Hailing from Sweden he’s a guitarist, composer as well as producer.

I have to admit though that this is not really my kind of music.  Even if there are a few Chicago songs I like, over all I’m not really a fan of real West Coast music, and that’s just what this band/project brings us. There are a few songs however that I like, but most of the songs are a bit too mellow for my taste.

The album starts with an intro, that they just as well could have skipped.  The next song ‘I Wish I Could Lie’  however is one, if not the best – and maybe most rocky – song on the album.

What must be said however is that the vocal performances are very good.  Especially the two ladies, Marika Willstedt and Tove Lo (who even reminds me a bit of Stevie Nicks), but the two male singers, Kristoffer Fogelmark and Magnus Bäcklund.
Conclusion : if you’re a lover of West Coast music, you definitely should give this album a try.  If you’re just a fan of good music, be it eighties style, and love good vocals, you might also give this a try.


Erik Morren.