CD REVIEW Soul Sacrifice

Band: Soul Sacrifice
Title: Carpe Mortem
Label: Massacre Records
Distribution: Suburban - Bertus
Release date: June 29th 2012
Review: CD

Soul Sacrifice are a quartet of Turkish Metal heads, and the(ir) roots go back to the year 1998. Back then, Soul Sacrifice were one of the most active Metal bands within the Istanbul Metal scene (especially live), and since a decade, the band’s line-up sort of is a stable line-up. There was a first full length in 2005, Stranded Hate, yet I wonder…
Anyway, the band’s second full length effort was mixed and mastered by nobody else but Mister Dan Swanö, so I guess it might mean something to those who do care…
Carpe Mortem lasts for forty seven minutes and opens with an intro that includes Turkish themes. Actually, I can appreciate it, for showing their identity without remorse, without fear.
But believe me, as soon this band starts death metalling around, the Middle East has gone forgotten immediately. Carpe Mortem sounds like a typical trans-European Tech-Death formation, including the ultra-deep grunts, creative guitar riffings, powerful rhythms / rhythm section, and hammering atmosphere. Soul Sacrifice sort of succeed to combine the core of traditional Death Metal with modern injections (like the clean vocal parts) and some ‘native’ elements, and therefore the whole does sound catchy and more than acceptable. The counterpart might be the lack of originality and, especially, the fucking absence of an own identity. Adding some oriental elements isn’t enough to act as if, and so on… And the predictable, easily-made-up riffs are too often a f*ckin’ pain in the, er, ear drumming asses of mankind.
But whatsoever, if you’re into rhythmic, catchy and up-tempo Modern Death Metal of the no-boundary-kind, then you will certainly appreciate this energetic but Pop-Catchy Death Metal record. In case you prefer your meat the saignant way, you better skip this stuff(ing).


Ivan Tibos.