CD REVIEW Status Minor

Band : Status Minor
Album title : Ouroboros
Label : Lion Music
Distributor : Bertus
Release Date : 25/04/2012
Release : CD

I’ve never had the chance to study Greek. But Ouroboros is an ancient Greek term, meaning ‘tail-eater’. Knowing that I could lay the link to the artwork on this album.

But enough said about ancient Greek.  Let’s get down to business and review this album.  Now Status Minor have already been around for some time, and already have releases some pretty impressive albums in the past.  It’s a small miracle a country with that few inhabitants as Finland manages to have that big an impact on the metal music scene. And an impact this album surely will have. It’s huge from start right to the end.
This is progressive power metal at its finest.  Even if it’s only their second album, these guys have really done it.  Massive riffs, great, if not fantastic keyboards, impressive guitar solos, and a very sturdy rhythm section to back it all up.  And while Marku Kuikka’s vocals might not be the heaviest in the genre, he has quite an impressive reach, and can bring a lot of variation in his voice.

To sum it up : a killer album.


Erik Morren.