CD REVIEW Sunstorm

Band : Sunstorm
Album title : Emotional Fire
Label : Frontiers Records
Distributor : Rough Trade Benelux - Tone
Release Date : 24/02/2012
Release : CD

I guess Joe Lynn Turner does not need further introduction to you rock fans.  He’s been around for some time already, and has had his share of success with bands like Yngwie Malmsteen, Deep Purple.  Over the  years he has also released some solo albums under the name Sunstorm, starting with ‘Sunstorm’ in 2006, followed by ‘House Of Dreams’ in 2009.

Whereas his first two solo records consisted mainly of songs he wrote himself, for his third release he has taken some songs he did as background vocalist in the 80’s for other artists.  To this mix some new songs written by other artists were added.  No matter if it’s the old songs he sings,or the newer ones, this is a great album.  Of course the production and mix by none other than Dennis Ward might also have helped.
Besides a good production Mr. Turner delivers a good vocal performance, and musically everything also fits snugly.  It’s not a fantastic album, in that there are no real surprises, but all in all there are far worse albums out on the market today. But surely an album that any fan of melodic rock should give a try.


Erik Morren.