CD REVIEW Voices Of Destiny

Band : Voices Of Destiny
Album title : Power Dive
Label : Massacre Records
Distributor : Suburban
Release Date : 27/01/2012
Release : CD

I was rather pleasantly surprised by this album, the second effort Voices Of Destiny has offered us. I’ll try to explain myself.  Upon reading the bio/infot that accompanied the album, at first I thought ‘oh no, yet another  band that delivers us epic/gothic metal, as if we didn’t already have enough bands in this genre.

But upon listening to the album I must confess that my initial thoughts were soon blown away.  Yes, this is epic/gothic metal, but one way or another this band was able to give it a personal touch.  Although all the elements of gothic/epic metal are present, and are used, this band does not sound like the umpteenth copy of Epica, Nightwish or Within Temptation.

I’d dare say that Voices Of Destiny tend to play gothic metal, but with a very heavy dose of heavy metal thrown in as well.  There are grunts on the album, and as you might know I do not really like grunts, but since they’re not overly abundant on the album.  The voice of Maike Holzman  is very pleasing.
A good album this is.  If you like epic or gothic metal I’d certainly give this a try.


Erik Morren.