CD REVIEW Words Of Farewell

Band: Words Of Farewell
Title: Immersion
Label: AFM Records
Distribution: Rock Inc.
Release date: March 30th 2012
Review: CD

Formed six years ago in a city in Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia, this band has remained within the less-interesting cellars of the scene since. In 2008, Words Of Farewell did self-release a demo / promo and an EP (respectively called From Now On … and Ashes Of The Coming Dawn), yet the band remained a local hype rather than trespassing national and international borders (or limits).
Will Immersion, Words Of Farewell’s debut studio full length, change anything at all?
The sextet’s debut, which was recorded at the Metallurgy Studios, lasts for forty eight minutes and brings a rather modern form of Progressive and Melodic Death Metal. The progressivity gets translated through very technical, sometimes extremely experimental guitar leads and ditto rhythms, and a subtle injection of avant-garde structures. It’s like (earlier) Opeth (thus without the Post-elements), Scar Symmetry, Dream Theatre, Cynic, Sacred Steel, (later) Death and a couple of Dan Swanö’s acts / projects turned into an osmotic and symbiotic form of deadly modernism. Another reference might be the Swedish (or, more generally seen, the Scandinavian) Modern Extreme Metal scene, especially when it comes to the sound and the atmosphere.
In contradiction to many (German) colleagues, the fake Thrash-additions are non-existent, by the way.
Immersion is not a world-shocking or world-shaking debut – therefor it does sound too predictable from time to time, and too well-polished; but generally seen it is a nice effort and highly recommendable to all those who can appreciate nicely balanced and technical-progressive Modern Death Metal.


Ivan Tibos.