CD REVIEW A Sound Of Thunder

Band : A Sound Of Thunder
Album title : Out Of The Darkness
Label : Nightmare Records
Distributor : Connecting Music
Release Date : 27/03/2012
Release : CD

Hearing the first notes of this album, reminded me of Black Sabbath, but further on in the song I changed my mind. I’ll try to explain. The music A sound Of Thunder brings us, has a few Black Sabbath influences, but only a few. They also have a female vocalist, something that not even in my worst nightmare I would be able to associate to Black Sabbath. Next to the Black Sabbath influences I also hear a shimmer of Angelwitch coming true, but only a shimmer.

As mentioned before, A Sound Of Thunderare fronted by a female vocalist, Nina Osegueda, who, I must admit, is very capable to do this job. She has a strong voice, but in the higher chords also manages to produce a crisp and clear sound. Besides the Sabbath influences, this album also some progressive and symphonic influences to it, as well as a bit of gothic. Yet none of them is too prominiscent or dominating, which results in this album showing a very distinct character to it.

Over all, I liked this album a lot. Especially since it features no grunts or growls whatsoever. Good decent metal this is.


Erik Morren.