CD REVIEW Ancestors

Band : Ancestors
Album title : In Dream And Time
Label : Tee Pee Records
Distributor : Gordeon Music Promotion
Release date : 13/04/2012
Release : CD

I’d never heard of this band before. They come from Los Angeles it seems, and this is already their fourth studio album, since their formation in 2006.

While listening to this record I couldn’t really decide if I liked it, or not. I found the atmosphere emanating from this record rather dark, and at the same time I was surprised by the complexity of the music. The intricate patterns woven by the organ, supported by a Moog synthesizer are fantastic. There are only six tracks on this album, but even at only six tracks it still has a playing time of over an hour.  Ancestors’ style on this album can best be described as psychedelic prog rock. One way or another it reminded me of Iron Butterfly, despite being totally different.

A nice discovery this band, but a CD that takes time to digest and even more to fully discover the many layers and intricate musical patterns.


Erik Morren.