CD REVIEW Angel Witch

Band : Angel Witch
Album title : As Above, So Below
Label : Suburban
Distributor : Suburban
Release Date : April 2012
Release : CD

Angel Witch is a band name that might not ring a bell if you’re under 30 years of age I would suppose.  Unless you’ve got older buddies, or are really delving into the archives of heavy metal. For those of you who do not know the band, Angel Witch are among the founding fathers of the NWOBHM movement you might say, along with other bands like Iron Maiden, Samson, Tygers Of Pan Tang, but unlike Iron Maiden who went on to become world famous, Angel Witch did not have such luck.  I still owned a vinyl copy of their self-titled first 1980 album up until a few years ago when I found it on CD.

Their career had lots of ups and downs, and band members frequently changed, the only constant factor being Kevin Heybourne, who always remained at the helm.  Being practically disbanded, founding member Kevin Heybourne spent his time working as a tree-surgeon, but after sustaining a head injury he had to stop working.  One lead to another and he started making plans for a reformation of Angel Witch.

And the result of this reformation is this new studio album.  Although new is not exactly right, some songs date back to the eighties.  They sound almost the same as they did thirty years ago, and still manage to create that unique atmosphere with their music.

The artwork of the album is, like you might expect with Angel Witch, rather special, and reminds me of the paintings of El Greco mixed with Jeroen Bosch.
A nice reminder of days long gone by, I found this a very nice album to listen to, bringing back lots of memories.  If you’re a fan of NWOBHM go out and buy this album.


Erik Morren.