Band: Anti-Flag
Album title: The General Strike
Label: SideOneDummy Records
Distributor: PIAS
Release date: 20/03/2012
Release: CD

No instrumental intro on this new album of leading punk rockers Anti-Flag. When you put the album in your stereo, the first thing you get to hear of their newest full-length The General Strike is a 22 seconds fast merciless punk rock track like they used to do it in the 90's.

Anti-Flag has always been known for their political themed songs and on this album, this is no different. The second track already sets the tone, because of its title, which is “The Neoliberal Anthem”. Although the fourth song is entitled “This Is The New Sound”, you can't really say that the band created an entirely new sound on The General Strike. I'm not saying that this new album is not as good as the previous ones, but Anti-Flag just continues where The People Or The Gun stopped three years ago.
The biggest difference with this new album is that there is no room anymore for slowing down. Full speed ahead is the message for Anti-Flag and especially the song “Broken Bones” embodies this message.

The General Strike is a nice addiction to your punk rock collection in 2012 and the release of this new album is also just another good reason to embark Europe, as they will do on this year's Groezrock in Belgium. Don't miss out !


Nick Tronckoe.