CD REVIEW Blessed By A Broken Heart

Band :  Blessed By A Broken Heart
Album title : Feel The Power
Label : Rude Records
Distributor : Sonic Rendezvous
Release date : 24/01/2012
Release : CD

When I put on this disk, It seemed as if I was teleported back in time to the 80ies, when bands like Poison and Stryper were big. BBABH bring back those days. Yet it would be unfair to accuse them of copying aforementioned bands. They have developed a unique style, where glam rock certainly has its place, but where traditional metal is equally present.

As a matter of fact their type of music would have been the perfect music to play in a big arena. It’s captivating, yet not too commercial.  But be warned. Because of the mix between glam rock and traditional metal it could mean that this CD will not appeal to real glam rock fans, nor to metalheads. But if you’ve got an open mind and are willing to try this, you might like this.

Most of the songs on this album are up-tempo. Vocals are crisp and clean, and the guitars are fantastic. It’s not that usual I think for a glam influenced band to cram long guitar solos in almost every song.


Erik Morren.