CD REVIEW  Darksite

Band : Darksite
Album title : As The Line Divides
Label : Brutal Elite Records
Distributor : PHD
Release date : 02/04/2012
Release : CD

This Swansea based British “Alternative/ Metal/ Rock” (so cited on their MySpace page) quartet comprised of lead singer Robert Garlick, guitarist Adam ADZ Redpath, bassist Christopher Jenner and drummer Kris Davies, was formed in June 2009 from the ashes of the bands Cause And Effect, Equilibrium, and D-Sear.
All originating from the South-West of Wales, the members already know each other from their school days, and have been in and out of bands together in several line-up possibilities, taking lessons learned from their harsh past as a means to full their passion for music. In fact, so dedicated to bringing back True Metal and resurrect British Metal are they, that when time came to record the band's self-released debut demo EP, they hired none less than Onslaught's Andy Rosser Davies to take place behind the mixing board (that, as far as I can ascertain...for correct info is missing...must've happened either in late 2009, or in early 2010).

Thanks to explosive shows and word of mouth, the demo got over 300,000 hits from the band's MySpace, resulting not only in the band hauling in endorsements from the likes of DBZ Guitars, Diamond Amplification, JHS and Kustom Bass Amplification, Davaguitar picks, Wincent drum sticks, and Wormstar Clothing, but eventually also in getting singed onto the Brutal Elite Records roster (which also lists already established acts A Moment Lost, Allerjen, Fell On Black Days, Isor, Omertà, and Quarterblind). This then resulted in renowned producer Nick Hemingway being hired to guide the January 2011 recordings of the 10 tracks which were to become the band's debut album. He also mixed the material and mastered it, and that's something one can hear in the sound quality of the album. now it's time to give our thoughts about the band's music. Depending on where you come from musically, you'll either feel Darksite plays a slowed-down Thrash Metal, or a Thrashed-up Grunge. At any rate, even though vocals are part clean (lead vocals with a mid-high range and a nice...nasal? Tonality which gives Rob's voice a timbre of his own) and part rough (backing vocals, which occasionally get a duet-ish role), the overall feel of the music is pretty aggressive, yes, there's even some brutality in it. The guitarist occasionally uses quite impressive effects (mainly in intros), and succeeds in embellishing the songs with nice solos in between the rather groove-geared riffs. With the band keeping things quite honest, there's very little evident guitar overdubs, but with the bass filling in the musical palate on the deep end quite admirably, you still get a very full sound after all! Rather then opting for machinegun rattling and show-off displays, the drummer is the steady foundation, doin' his thing at relatively calm pace. Quite admirable, such restraint!

At the moment the band only has the one track (album opener “Wake Up, Time To Die”) posted at (www.) (their official website), alongside a studio report video, but you can always find more videos of the band at their YouTube page (link on their MySpace), and then you could always check the album's page at one of the trusted online sales sites, as they usually have 30-second samples for possible buyers to listen to. End question: do I think this band will bring British Metal where it used to be? Answer: I doubt it...nót because the band would not be good enough, but simply because the major music industry of today works only rarely gives band long-term contracts these days, and without the promotional machine of thàt kind of a record label, breaking through to a broader audience is simply not within the realm of possibilities. However, should Darksite prove to be that band which perseveres, which continues regardless what, which will still be there in ten years...who knows? However, much of that is wishful thinking!