CD REVIEW  Eluveitie

Band : Eluveitie
Album title : Helvetios
Label : Nuclear Blast
Distributor : PIAS
Release date : 10/02/2012
Release : CD

Eluveitie must be one of the most productive folk metal bands ever. Going on tour year after year, releasing the one album after the other, these Swiss ladies and gentlemen definitely know how to keep a hold of the fans' attention. Their last release (Everything Remains) was described as a huge success according to some, but a disappointment to others. As far as I'm concerned, it was indeed not a real step forward, however not a step backwards either. With their latest release, Helvetios, the band however proves to have taken all of this into account. Helvetios is what Eluveitie is all about: folk power for every metal fan! I don't think Eluveitie has ever sounded as solid and hard as on this album. There are far more captivating metal riffs and extreme vocals than on the previous album(s) and the band has clearly cut down on the always so refreshing folk instruments. This might be considered a shame (definitely the lack of Anna's wonderful and enchanting vocals), but the storyline of Helvetios definitely makes up for this loss. If you want to get to know the entire content of this battle story, I suggest you lend your ears to the seventeen songs.

As far as these tracks are concerned, there's something for every kind of metal fan. The incredibly enchanting and beautiful “A rose for Epona” really stands out, as does “Alesia” as well. This latter must be one of the most impressive songs Eluveitie has ever created.

All in all, Helvetios is an easy-listener folk metal album with high-quality music. The story is really moving and the music is more convincing than ever before. Eluveitie for the masses!