CD REVIEW   Hollywood Burnouts

Band : Hollywood Burnouts
Album title : “Excess All Areas”
Label : Rock Road
Distributor : Soulfood
Release date : 09/03/2012
Release : CD

When I started listening to this album, I was blown back to the 80ies. This is glam/sleaze rock at its purest. Môtley Crüe or Cinderella couldn’t have done it any better. While my thought was that most glam/sleaze bands were either hailing from the States, the UK, or more northern countries like Sweden, these guys however come from Germany.

So far Hollywood Burnouts have released a demo in 2009, and a self-titled EP, neither of whom I was able to listen to or get a copy of.  So this is my first ‘meeting‘ with this band. It seems they have already made quite a name for themselves, since they were able to play national and international shows with bands like Cinderella, Dokken and quite a few others.

While they are not on the same level as the original 80ies glam bands like Cinderella, Poison, Mötley Crüe, these guys have delivered a nice enough album, reminiscent of 80ies albums. Both lead and background vocals sound nice, and the production is well done. Minor default on this album : the ballads. They’re just not up to standard yet.

A nice albums for fans of 80ies glam/ sleaze rock.


Erik Morren.