CD REVIEW  Pharaoh

Band: Pharaoh
Album title: Bury The Light
Label: Cruz Del Sur Music
Distributor: Sonic Rendezvous
Release date: 24/02/2012
Release: CD

The band was formed around 1997 but it wasn’t until their debut album After the Fire in 2003 that Pharaoh came to the attention with their music (especially their love for classic heavy metal). They received a lot of attention but it only kept growing with the release of its follow up in 2006, The Longest Night. A bulls eye that only paved the way for another release in 2008 witch was their third album Be Gone.

And of course 1012 was marked withBury The Light. Their latest record is already out for a month. This is classic heavy metal in the style of Iron Maiden. You either like it or not but I wouldn’t call their music original as this genre is exploited a lot. But there is where it ends, it is hard to find any negative (or positive elements) flaws with the album except maybe the production level witch isn’t top notch. Decent but not ground breaking.