CD REVIEW  The Way Of Purity

Band : The Way Of Purity
Album title : Biteback
Label : Wormholedeath
Distributor : Wormholedeath
Release date : 23/03/2012
Release : CD

The Way Of Purity might be a rather unknown band, so don't be worried if you lack on information about this band that describes itself as a mixture between new wave and death metal (though it has to be said that you have to listen incredibly carefully if you want to find the new wave elements.

The cover artwork of Biteback, the band's latest EP, reveals the main theme(s) of all three songs: the four elements, nature, demons and many more mysterious items. As a conclusion: when it comes to the basic elements that make a death metal band, The Way Of Purity are on the right track. On Biteback, the band firmly says no to all compromises. They don't even make a big fuss about themselves. Their identity is not the most important thing in the world, so, as a conclusion, none of them showed the importance of revealing themselves to us. Knowing that the former female singer committed suicide not that long ago, the new vocals are completely sick now. In a positive way though. “Keep Dreaming”, “Eternal Damnation To René Descartes” and “Reverse The Time” don't hold too much good, but the quality of all tracks has taken a huge step forward.

Are you in for some industrial death metal? Maybe Biteback might make you very curious for what's to come on the next full length album of The Way Of Purity.