Band : Whirr
Album title : Pipe Dreams
Label : Tee Pee Records – Ada Global
Distribution : Suburban
Release date : 16/03/2012
Release : CD

Hah...again a band with little, near to nothing info to be found!

Things I dó know, includes what the label's info sheet tells, which is the following: “...Bay Area Post-Shoegaze sextet Whirr generates suspenseful songs of soothing, razor sharp guitar textures backed by soft, cooling vocals. On their full-length debut Pipe Dreams, the band's supercharged spirit rejuvenates the '90s Shoegaze sound, providing a widescreen update for the post-millennium era. Whirr's wall of lush guitars, breathy vocals, dreamy synth and thunderous drumming propel listening ears into a near cinematic realm here instantly catchy melodies and emotional, enveloping atmospheres hang perfectly in the balance. The sound of Whirr is a totalizing crush when texture and volume hit perfect balance and bright Pop melodies wander through dark, dense guitar work. Twenty years after My Bloody Valentine awed music fans with its now-classic Loveless EP, Whirr takes hold of the reins and leys its fluid, immaculate surge of drones and reverberations light the way. The New Psychedelia has arrived!”

Sounds good, don't it? does the band's music, you know!? What other little details did I get to know about the sextet? Well, they are fronted by either Loren Rivera or Byanca Munoz (a logical assumption, as the lead vocals are female, and those are the female names I found), and the other members are Joey Bautista, Sergio Miranda, Eddie Salgada, and guitarist Nick Bassett, whom is also know from “Post-Black Metal” act Deafheaven [whom released their debut album EP Libertine Dissolves and debut full-length Roads To Judah through the Deathwish Inc. label in Jan. and April of 2011 respectively – a 5-track live album entitled DW Live series 08 : Live At The Blacktop 01.15.11 followed in July. Whirr already existed (albeit perhaps under their previous name Whirl) prior to his joining Deafheaven, who played their debut show in late July 2010]. Whirr themselves debuted with the 7-track Distressormini-album, which was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley at Palo Alto (CA)'s Atomic Garden studio (where previously the likes of Grayceon and Rocky Votolato spent studio time) and released in early June 2011. It was followed in September by this album's precursor single Junebouvier, recorded again with Shirley (and at the same studio) in February 2011.

That single can he found posted in the music payer at the homepage of the band's label, (www.), while one can find a song (“Leave”) off the band's mini-album on the band page at that same site. All material off the EP (and single) can be found at (http://) Nó music on the band's facebook (www.), and there's apparently no MySpace page for the band (the page found at (www.) relates to another Whirr, which deals in Ambience/ Experimental/ Healing & Easylistening electronics music). However, one further full-length track off the full-length (a stream for “Home Is Where My Head Is”) can be found at (http://)

One thing you'll agree on when listening to all that material, is that Whirr are occasionally far more Ambient-geared than My Bloody Valentine ever was, and that the band's sound is therefore more comparable to that of Swirlies or even Velocity Girl. But, somehow Whirr manage to convey an identity all their own, in spite of the band's obvious influences! Great stuff this, and I for one love it...but the female vocals (often nicely backed by one of the guys) should've been put forward in the mix a little more!