CD REVIEW Ambassador Gun

Band: Ambassador Gun
Title: Golden Eagle
Label: Prosthetic Records
Distribution: Prosthetic Records
Release date: 22/10/2012
Review: CD

Minnesota-based act Ambassador Gun (apparently they were named after a specific type of sunglasses for pilots) return with their sophomore album Golden Eagle after signing to Prosthetic, a label that pays attention to both roughness and professionalism. By signing this act, Prostheticdid hit the bull’s eye again.
As a matter of fact, some of the members were jamming together for a decade, as befriended school youngsters, in different local Punk and Metal bands, and throughout the years their mutual passion for some specific acts did influence the direction they wanted to go a lot. The members themselves like to refer to bands like Neurosis, Slayer, Hatebreed and Today Is The Day – it might give you a clue, not?!
Ambassador Gun debuted in 2007 (there were some demonstrational recordings before, FYI) with the highly acclaimed EP The Secrets Have Eyes, but I guess especially 2009’s first full length When In Hell did put this band’s name on the American sub-top. The band did record some more mini-stuff afterwards, but it took until now for the release of the second full length, which lasts for half an hour.

This second album too combines primal Blast / Grind eruptions with elements from Crust, Punk, d-Beat, Hardcore and Deathrash. The Metal-elements are more pronounced this time (read: many riffs come closer to death and Thrash Metal than before), yet the band still focusses on high-speed Grindnoise in general with a punky-crusty undertone. The self-production was, in this case, a fine choice, because the whole ‘feels’ like sweetly caressing barbwire penetrating my eardrums with sardonic pleasure.
However, two remarks: the lack of originality and the lack of variation. It holds the middle in between Tragedy, Converge, From Ashes Rise, Napalm Death, Anäl Cunt and Primate, but not always as inspired / inspirational as these acts. But generally seen Golden Eagle is a remarkable and worthy effort for every human entity that can appreciate any of aforementioned idols.


Ivan Tibos.