CD REVIEW Before The Fall

Band: Before The Fall
Title: Antibody
Label: Noiseheadrecords
Distribution: STF Records
Release date: 12/10/2012
Review: CD

Before The Fall are active on Noiseheadrecords’ roster as from the very beginning. The band was formed in 2005 (by Rudolf Obermann and Michael Kronstorfer) and released its first studio record (From Mutism To Riddance) shortly after through this great Austrian label, with collaboration with Twilight Zone Records. In 2007, Before The Fall were voted as second best band in Europe’s International Live Award contest, and soon they were able to join Gorefest for a trans-European tour. In mean time, Before The Fall did perform on many huge festivals, and they did tour with some of the biggest names within the extremer Metal scene. In 2010, Before The Fall recorded their second official album, again with Tue Madsen (Aborted, Cataract, Witchery, Mnemic, Heaven Shall Burn, The Haunted a.m.o.) as master / mixer, but it took until now…

Antibody lasts for more than fifty minutes and stands for a professionalised and matured edition of the debut. The whole album consists of modern yet colossally built-up grooves, technical riffing, shredding outbursts and melodic excellence. The equilibrium between extreme aggression and well-crafted melodicism is exceptionally high when it comes to quality, and this goes for both the individual prestations as well as the common generalisation of the band’s effort. Of course the bloody level of originality equals the zero-point, but the expression of the complex totality f*cks off with an erected middle finger in the Holy One’s arse. And besides, more than once the band surprises with an exceptional execution of quasi-renewing / refreshing pieces, putting themselves on a higher level within the over-crowded scene. Most of the time you might undergo a heard-it-before-feeling, a sudden boredom that will appear and leave you unsatisfied; but at the same time the album has several moments of almost-highlighted grandeur as well, which I cannot but appreciate (and so will you). Unfortunately these few great parts aren’t enough to lift the whole album up to exceptional heights; therefore I do miss an own face. But then again, the performance and song writing are of a very high quality, so I will not complain; on the contrary, I do enjoy listening to this album when I am ‘in the mood’.

Recommended if you can appreciate (everything in between) Mnemic, Fear Factory, Parkway Drive, Heaven Shall Burn and Pantera.


Ivan Tibos.