CD REVIEW Beyond All Recognition

Band: Beyond All Recognition
Title: Drop=Dead
Label: Napalm Records
Distribution: Rough Trade Benelux – Tone Entertainment
Release date: 28/09/2012
Review: CD

Napalm Records are still widening their roster. Once an underground Black Metal label, then evolving into both Folk / Viking and Goth-oriented spheres, and now open-minded in all metallic aspects (or is it a necessary widening of commercial and/or survival tactics?). Never mind, innovation is not necessarily that bad, especially during these hard times for our beloved Extreme Music scene…

The Austrian label releases the debut full length of Swedish Modern Metal act Beyond All Recognition, which is a pretty disturbing and mostly confusing effort. Musically this act stands for a very modern and even refreshing mix of two extremes. At the one hand, you have the extremity of related Metal styles: grooving Metalcore and modern Death Metal. At the same time, and in a comparable presentation, the band infuses Drop=Dead with an overload on electronic and Dup Step elements. It’s not that renewing, yet it isn’t that common that a band adds so much of the latter. It certainly does set Beyond All Recognition apart from the whole Metalcore genre. The equilibrium in between these two approaches is enormous, and even though it is enormously difficult to digest this complex symbiosis, it does come the perfectly equilibrated way. It does not sound organic and natural, even a little forced-down and frustrated, yet it would be hypocrite not to mention that this will please a huge population (of youngsters for sure). Personally I react allergic to the infantile exaggeration. It does sound too ridiculous, I’m afraid.

Oh yes, the album features guest appearances by Dennis Andersson from The Drake Equation, and Björn Strid (think: Soilwork, Darkane, Terror 2000, Disarmonia Mundi, Dog Faced Gods and many more).


Ivan Tibos.