Band : Bonrud
Album title : Save Tomorrow
Label : Escape Music
Distributor : Connecting Music
Release Date : 21/09/2012
Release : CD

Bonrud ?  Wasn’t that an American multi-instrumentalist who released an album some eight odd years ago ?  Is this the same man ?  Yes my dear friends, it is.  So this is his second album, and I must say that although it’s not an unforgettable album, it has it’s qualities.

First of all there are the vocals, by Rick ‘Four Octave’ Forsgren.  This man has a quite agreeable, powerful voice.  Then there’s the production, for whom none other than Keith Olsen came on board.  Needless to say that the guitars and bass were played by Mr. Paul Bonrud himself, while drums were taken care of by Paul Higgins. Musically it’s more or less a mix between 80ies classic AOR music with some more nowadays metal influences mixed in.

I found this a good album, that every rock lover with a base in the eighties but with an open mind to more modern music should give a try.


Erik Morren.