CD REVIEW Clairvoyants

Band : Clairvoyants
Album title : The Shape Of Things To Come
Label : Valery Records
Distributor : Valery Records
Release Date : October 2012
Release : CD

Apparently Italy is not only a nation that has delivered us some exquisite culinary delights like pasta and pizza, but has also graced us with some great musicians, and then I don’t mean Luciano Pavarotti or Toto Cotugno, to name but a few, but great metalbands like Rhapsody. And with Clairvoyant they have delivered another fantastic power metal band. However, you cannot compare the music Rhapsody has brought the world with what Clairvoyant brings us.  While Rhapsody delivers power metal that has epic proportions, and with themes that linger toward fantasy and myths, Clairvoyant brings us a more traditional version, with at times some progressive influences in it. 

This band started out as an Iron Maiden cover band, but released their debut album Word To The Wise in 2009. Sadly I seem to have missed this release, that’s to say if their debut album was as good as this, their second release. However if you thought that having started out as an Iron Maiden coverband the music Clairvoyant produce lies in the same vein as Iron Maiden you’re completely wrong. Ok, it’s not ground breaking work, but it’s well performed, an to top it of Gabriele Bernasconi has a very agreeable voice, and his English is almost flawless.

A very nice surprise, and a band I’ll look out for in the future.


Erik Morren.