CD REVIEW Colour Haze

Band : Colour Haze
Album Title : She Said
Label : Elektrohasch
Distributor : Elektrohasch
Release Date : 2012
Review : CD

Colour Haze have been at it now for over 15 years, and have made quite a name for themselves in the realm of stoner rock. She Said is the 10th addition to the bands’ brilliant discography, and although it may be reasonable for one to assume that after 9 albums sooner or later the music should become lackluster or deviate very drastically, think again. Musically the band is still producing its trademark version of retro psych stoner rock, packed in a fuzzy production, only this time adding to the usual instruments mellotron, piano, organ, congas, horns and even strings.

The double CD gets off to a dream start with the title track on which CH manage to nail that holy grail for all bands: the killer opening track, a rollicking nearly 19 minute tour de force through many different genres. This is a wonderful song, well written, constructed and delivered with a very real sense of passion, and packing quite a punch to boot. She Said” leaves you with jaw dropping ever downwards, as it's one of the best song's the band has ever recorded - and will be a major contender for my favourite track of the year. The guitars and hammond on the second long composition.“Transformation” (16.23) craft wonderful harmonies, but also deliver enough heavy riffs, furthermore constantly surprise with intriguing, but beautiful solo work. CD 2’s opener “Breath” (12.03) is a warm and open song, full of great textures, great musicianship, and a depth of feeling that comes through every note. “Grace” (10.58) begins with some Kashmir-like strings and gracely builds up into a Motorpsycho flavoured sound.Colour Haze are always at their best when they immerse themselves into long compositions. The other shorter songs on the second disc pale a little in comparison to these four, but they have their moments. Probably, one of the weaker tracks is “Slowdown”, which does not show much evolution being stuck to a couple of  aggressive riffs and some indifferent almost out of tune vocal harmonies. Stefan tries to reach a range his voice is clearly not apt for. On “Stand in…” and “Rite”  it really does feel as if the band have just plugged in and started to play, something that suits the songs down to the ground.

Let be honest: She Said is not a atypical CH album, but they have certainly refined the band’s style on this 10th album, resulting in a wondrous masterwork full of discoveries and marvels.

Disc 1 : 100/100
Disc 2 : 90/100
She Said : 95/100