CD REVIEW David Caron

Band : David Caron
Album title : Thru Ever Ending Black
Label : GMG Records
Distributor : GMG Records
Release Date : 21/03/2012
Release : CD

The Never Ending Story.  Some of you folks might remember this movie from quite some years back. Although this CD has nothing to do with that movie, it also never seems to come to an END;

For his debut album, this Irish/ Italian musician has opted to release an album with no less than 28 songs, all written and composed by himself. As if that was not enough, he’s also played all the instruments himself, and also handles the vocals. For that feat you’ve got to give the guy some credits. But that’s about where it ends. Now I’ll start summing up what annoys me about this album. For a starter there are the vocals. In some songs it seems Mr. Caron has a speech problem, because he seems to be lisping. And if that was not enough, he’s also making quite extensive use of something that makes his voice sound almost metallic. And to finish it also seems as if on all songs he’s singing in the same way. And to make things worse, it seems like all songs are alike. I hadn’t even noticed I had already listened to the first six songs of the album when I was surprised to hear something I hadn’t heard before at the beginning of the seventh song.

Mind you, the instruments are played brilliantly, but this album lacks some balls, and soon started to really bore me.


Erik Morren.