CD REVIEW Diagonal

Band: Diagonal
Title: The Second Mechanism
Label: Rise Above Records
Distribution: Suburban
Release date: 05/11/2012
Review: CD

Album number Two, recorded with an adapted line-up (after two of the original members decided to quit), still with the same aim, yet with a progression in sound and approach.

Very difficult, at least for me, to capture the whole. It’s a weird, eccentric form mixture of traditional ProgRock, funky tunes, acid-laden Jazz, modern Stoner, Krautrock and Musica Psychedelica, somewhere in between Hawkwind, Zappa, Astra, Magma, Sun Ra, different projects by Mister Zorn, even Witchcraft, Ozric Tentacles and Pink Floyd. Five long (mainly) instrumental tracks with sax / clarinet, synths and fuzzy bass parts, eclectic breaks, boldly trespassing forbidden boundaries, crossing borders with narrow-minded predictability, opening gates to the unknown and the unexpected.

But: only if you really are into the Prog-thing! (American release: through Metal Blade)


Ivan Tibos.