CD REVIEW Eternal Of Sweden

Band : Eternal Of Sweden
Album title : Chapter 1
Label : High Gear Music
Distributor : High Gear Music
Release Date : 17/03/2012
Release : CD

Eternal Of Sweden released their debut EP in 2009, and are now back with a full album.

I would say their music sounds a bit like Pretty Maids, although Eternal’s music sometimes borders close to power metal, but overall it’s more hard rock than metal. If however you thought this is a new band you’re wrong. They originally formed back in 1997, but split up, to reunite again in 2007. The fact that these guys are no teenagers shows of in their music I think, because you can hear they’ve mastered their instruments. And to top it off they’ve got a very good vocalist.

I highly recommend to give this album a try, because although the music is in no ways original, it’s well written and superbly played, and although there’s plenty of keyboards on the album, these are not overpowering.


Erik Morren.