Band: Ex-Deo
Album title: Caligvla
Label: Napalm Records
Distributor: Rough Trade Benelux. – Tone Entertainment.
Release date: 31/08/2012
Release: CD

One of the biggest television hypes of 2012 must have been the series Spartacus, about a group of gladiators who resist against the Romans. The same theme is used on the new full length of Ex Deo, called Caligvla. Ex Deo, which is a side project of Kataklysm's charismatic frontman Maurizio Iacono, brought the Roman history back to life with this new album. It's their second album and this time, they focus on the brutal and bloodthirsty reign of Emperor Caligula.

The album opens with the title track, which can be considered as an introduction to this cruel emperor. What follows are nine aggressive death-folk metal songs, which contains all kinds of instruments, such as violins and keyboards, to make Caligvla a real wall of sound and tell his story.

History teachers might rather use this album than a movie to teach about the history of the Roman empire. Headbanging could become a legal thing during class then.


Nick Tronckoe.