Band : Fen
Album title : Of Losing Interest
Label : Ripple Music
Distributor : Ripple Music
Release date : 14/08/2012
Release : CD

Fen turns a page or changes direction on their fifth release, which goes by the name of Of Losing Interest. Their previous release, while offering progressive rock/ metal, ranged from pure stoner rock to near doom rock. It was a mysterious and most of all incredibly gloomy album, in which is very hard to find your way, even after a couple of test.

This time, Fen's style has all in all become a bit clearer and does anything but lose our interest. You clearly have more heavy rock, combined with some melodic and more progressive parts, but it still contains this touch of mysterious darkness, which makes it far more interesting. While not really innovative, the heavy rock or metal side of Fen has roots in earlier material, it is at least an interesting direction they're heading. The guitar work is breathtaking on a most of the songs. We find a stunning example in Light Up the End, which really blows you off your socks.

It's clear as day that Of Losing Interest is different than its predecessor, but it's still Fen as we know them, only better, more mature and more experienced.