CD REVIEW Fueled By Fire

Band: Fueled By Fire
Title: Plunging Into Darkness
Label: NoiseArt Records
Distribution: Napalm Records – RoughTrade Benelux – Tone Entertainment
Release date: 31/08/2012
Review: CD (re-release)

Warning: this is not a new release!

Fueled By Fire are a Latino-origin quartet from California (if I’m not mistaken, the origins of the members are Brazilian), created in 2002 and existing of members who are also involved with Sodomizing The Dead and Skeletal Remains. The only interesting facts from the past are 2007’s Spread The Fire, which was so terribly predictable and therefore too dull, and Plunging Into Darkness, which was originally self-released on November 16th 2010 in the United States of the New World. And for your information, singer Ricardo Rangel isn’t an original member, but he joined the band in between both recordings (the singer on the debut was Gio Herrera, in case you do care).

I don’t know why, but Austria’s NoiseArt Records, well, are so kind, I guess, to re-release this album, on European soil, the decent way this time, and who’s to blame? I am, for sure, glad with this decision! And it comes with a bonus track, “Deadly Restraints”, which was on the original edition…

The main difference with the debut is the song quality, which did improve a lot. No, it does NOT mean that Fueled By Fire became a band with an own face. Sepultura and Dark Angel, as well as Exodus and Bonded By Blood, Possessed, Slayer, Testament, Overkill, Hirax and Nuclear Assault (yet especially both first-mentioned ones) are still the main source of inspiration, and Fueled By Fire still do NOT add anything of their own at all, except for a production that is even more brute and devastating.
But but but… So-oh un-original and so-oh predictable, it’s painful and mournful, it’s a maxi-pity, and even the bettered song writing and performance can’t satisfy me completely…


Ivan Tibos.