Band : Glowsun
Album Title : Eternal Season
Label : Napalm Records
Distributor : Rough Trade Benelux. - Tone Entertainment
Release Date : 2012
Review : CD

Glowsun are probably one of the oldest French stoner rock bands. It's a surprise to see them still around. I remember them from a performance in Agimont, the first Belgian stoner festival, when they showed already that you don't have to be a Kyuss or a Monster Magnet to play some decent catchy stoner. Not that so much has changed since then, but that was not to be expected anyway. Glowsun still do what they can best, which is a healthy mix of fuzzy stoner and psychedelic rock. Eternal Season must be their third or fourth full album by now, and again it's a very solid effort, but I doubt that Glowsun will make it to the top with this album, but more important is that they not only are still true to their roots, but also follow their road with a strong conviction. The production helps to round off the impeccable look, which is even heightened by a beautiful cover artwork by member/poster artist Johan Jacob.