Band: Grave
Title: Endless Procession Of Souls
Label: Century Media Records
Distribution: Century Media Records - EMI
Release date: August 27th 2012
Review: CD

No introduction needed this time for Grave, I think. Check out any of the former reviews I did on this site, or the worldwide inter-spacial engineered wwwdotcom-stuff-things, all right?!

Endless Procession Of Souls was recorded by Ola Lindgren (v, g; he did take care of the production, mix and mastering as well), Mika Lagrén (g), Ronnie Bergerståhl (d) and Tobias Cristiansson (b) at the band’s home studio (Soulless Studio, named after their 1994-killer album) and lasts for forty five minutes. And as from the opening riff on opening song / intro "Dystopia", a veil of tasteful muck, characterising this act since the early years, introduces another chapter of Swedish Purity/ grotesquery/ Superiority! This is the ultimate definition of an Old School Hymn Soundtrack like it was two decades ago, yet with one important difference: the reclaimed production. But: no over-production, still as harsh and crude, just more powerful and intense.

Skip the superfluity. Endless Procession Of Souls is a must for every Grave-fan, and probably - no, sorry - with certainty one of the strongest Death Metal efforts from 2012! [there does exist a limited box-set as well, including two bonus songs, i.e. cover tracks by Anthrax ("Efilnikufesin") and VoiVod ("Killing Technology")]


Ivan Tibos.