CD REVIEW Graveyard

Band : Graveyard
Album Title : Lights Out
Label : Nuclear Blast Records
Distributor : PIAS
Release Date : 2012
Review : CD

This album is a great nod to classic bands such as Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Ufo, Thin Lizzy, Sabbath,…. However, Graveyard injects some Motorhead-energy and attitude into their music, which provides a flashing edge to the sound. There will be those who complain about a lack or originality with this band; but over the past two albums, Graveyard has grown into its own band. I like the fact that they aren't afraid to move away from the traditional stoner seventies mold, and even hint at adopting some bluesy r n’ b elements into their sound. Furthermore, the band never loses their ability to write a catchy, well crafted song no matter what tempo or mood they choose for a song. Joakim Nillson’s voice isn’t the prettiest around and definitely not the most technically adept, but dammit if my nuts aren’t squeezed every time that gravely razor sharp larynx hits the speakers then smash my forehead – attitude, feeling and life, that’s what it has. He really pours all his emotions into these songs. Axel Sjoberg (d) and Rikard Eklund (b) keep up one helluva tight rhythm section throughout the album...

With their third album now under their belt, Graveyard have proven that they are for real and I am already hungry for the fourth album. Lights Out  is certainly one of the stronger albums of 2012 for me, and confirms that the band's previous albums were not just hype. Graveyard are for real.