Band : Grifter
Album title : Grifter
Label : Ripple Music
Distributor : Ripple Music
Release date : October 2012
Review : CD

Do you like Hard Rock? How about ZZ Top, early-Aerosmith, AC/DC and Edgar Broughton Band? If so, Grifter’s debut, Griftermay be for you.

Built around steady riffs and catchy choruses, this is an album that would have been right at home in the early ’70s. And while that might be great for fans of the style, Grifter brings nothing new to the table. The riffs, leads and solos of guitarist Ollie are generally strong, as this is certainly a guitar-driven album. Ollie’s vocals are raspy and melodic, similar to Bill Gibbons in his rocking days. And the songs are all rather catchy. But while listening to Grifter, I can’t shake the feeling that I’ve heard this all before. The driving rock of Five Horse Johnson-like “Asshole parade”  and the Karma2Burn-like “Stripclub” is juxtaposed against the laid back blues lilt of the excellent “Gone blues” or pick at the pseudo fast Eddie riffing of “Bucktooth woman” and “Piss and gass” you’ll find a lot of comfort and not to much to complain at.