CD REVIEW Hexvessel

Band: Hexvessel
Title: No Holier Temple
Label: Svart Records
Distribution: Svart Records
Release date: September 7th 2012
Review: CD

Hexvessel is one of the many projects by Mat ‘Kvohst’ McNerney. You might know this guy from bands / projects like Dødheimsgard, Void, Decrepit Spectre, Satanochio or Code, amongst many others. The first effort with the Hexvessel-project was a mainly acoustic Psychedelic Folk record with a prominent seventies vibe (Dawnbearer, 2011). This second one contains some same-minded elements, yet it does progress in comparison to the first full length.

No Holier Temple lasts for fifty six minutes and stands for another psychedelic, trippy and lunatic sonic experience. The album opens with “Heaven And Earth Magic”, which lasts for only a minute and a half, yet which is a very impressing, ritual incantation with spoken words and acoustics. “Woods To Conjure” is a weird mixture of Neo-Folk with trumpet (!), followed by a short instrumental song (“Wilderness Is”), and then again an organic, acid-laden and even emotional Folk-song, this time also including accordion and those integer mushroomy vocals of Mister McNerney. It’s the first time an electric guitar shows up, yet not the last time. And this kind of craziness goes on. Mouth harp, organ, cello, wind bells, flutes, violin and more of those exceptional instruments, elements from the sixties and seventies, influences from Doom Metal, Chanson, Punk and Neo-Folk. Pentagram and King Crimson, Anathema and Pink Floyd, Velvet Underground and The Doors, Blood Axis and Wovenhand… Shamanistic, occult, progressive, it’s an eerie experience with nothing but orgiastic surprises all over again.

Hail Nature, hail nature’s Magic and Mystic! …with smoke and acid…


Ivan Tibos.