CD REVIEW Jess And The Ancient Ones

Band: Jess And The Ancient Ones
Album title: Jess And The Ancient Ones
Label: Svart Records
Distribution: Svart Records
Release date: 23/05/2012
Review: CD

Jess And The Ancient Ones are a seven-member act from Finland with a female vocalist, debuting with a self-called full length (last year, Svart Records released the band’s vinyl 7” 13th Breath Of The Zodiac, FYI).

When looking at the cover, my first thought is: psychedelica. When reading the song titles, my first thought is: psychedelica. And indeed, this album sort of breathes the aural essence of Psychedelica, but not too extravagant. No, it’s not the most psychedelic album (at all), but it’s another occult Seventies Rock-inspired album with that smoky, trippy atmosphere that characterizes and typifies that specific sub-genre. Remarkable fact, before starting to discuss the album itself: the studio. The whole was recorded at Necromorbus Studio, which is almost exclusively known for Death and Black Metal releases. I find it rather strange, but the sound of the album indeed enjoys the dirtiness / bleakness/ evilness from the studio. However, the Music itself isn’t that devilish. It sounds like an up-tempo edition of some Rock act from the early Seventies, the smoky, semi-bluesy way (cf. The Devil (In G-Minor) amongst others), yet flavored (and that’s positive) with the vibe of the Occult Metal-sound from the Seventies / Eighties.

Roky Erickson, Blood Ceremony, Coven, Black Widow, and if you want to, even The Devil’s Blood or Jex Thoth, might be comparisons, but this band is much catchier and much more accessible, even poppy in comparison to aforementioned acts, but still recommended to fans of this kind of (female fronted) Rock. 


Ivan Tibos.