CD REVIEW Led Astray

Band: Led Astray
Album title: Decades Of Addiction
Label: Massacre Records
Distribution: Suburban
Release date: 07/12/2012
Review: CD

Not a new release by the Dutch Led Astray, yet by a young Death Metal band from Germany with the same moniker (there is at least one so-called band in the U.S. as well).

Decades Of Addiction is an ugly soundtrack that starts with an enervating intro (a collage of excerpts from Germanian radio broadcasting), but after this short miscarriage, you won’t laugh anymore. What Led Astray bring with this album is a mostly filthy form of timeless, yet mainly old schooled, Death Metal, the primal / primitive way (read: no-nonsense), with a decent addi(c)tion of elements from Crust, Groove, Grindcore, Hardcore and Punk. …all of them the Old School way as  well, evidently. The d-beat structures, tremolo pickings, horrific injections, doomy passages, grinding blasts and eccentric breaks, it’s all very dynamic and energetic, but maybe a little too…?... Too much is too much.

But nevertheless I was, and still am, extremely pleased with the refreshing approach, because the variation and, especially, the audacity to vary/ experiment this way, are exceptionally bold yet appreciable.


Ivan Tibos.