Band: Master
Title: The New Elite
Label: Pulverised Records
Distribution: Sure Shot Worx
Release date: 09/07/ 2012
Review: CD

In case you had not heard of this band before: please stop breathing ;o)
In case you did, you probably know the importance of this act.
The wwweb is full of information about this band around Paul Speckmann, and if you’re interested in this guy’s musical experiences, I’d like to refer to some of the many biographies on the .net. And by the way, the bio I did receive this time is a ten-page (A4-format) truss with especially a focus on Paul Speckmann’s past experiences. I guess you can check this out on the label’s site as well…

What’s of importance? Well, actually Master did start almost three decades ago, and therefore it is one of the oldest and, for sure, one of the most influential bands ever within the Extreme Metal scene (read: Death Metal / Grindcore). Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Entombed, Benediction, NunSlaughter, Exhumed, Pestilence, Carcass, Obituary, Righteous Pigs or Repulsion, amongst tens of others, did admit having been influenced and / or inspired by this band.
Throughout the years, Master did record, and release, ten official studio full lengths; the last one was 2010’s The Human Machine, also on Pulverised (posted April 8th 2010 by me, myself and [it]). This new one has been recorded, again, by Mister Speckmann (b, v) and his Czech colleagues Alex Nejezchleba (g) and Zdenek Pradlovsky (d), at the Shaark Studios, known from recordings for e.g. Shaark, of course (the ‘legendary’ Thrash-project with Alex and Zdenek), as well as Fleshless, Goreinhaled, Inferno or Root. I really loved that album, but as a matter of fact I do appreciate each single Master-release. Never mind; I want to say that The New Elite continues the path of The Human Machine to the utmost extent.

Master have never been my favourite band. I did never dislike them, yet many contemporaries (and then I’m going back to the eighties) were much better, I guess (note: their self-called 1985-album indeed is masterly, I have to admit!). But anyway, even though each effort was (is) of a decent quality, and despite the many ‘hail hail hails’ from other notorious acts, I can’t say this act is top-notch.
Of course, this isn’t but my personal opinion, for me being a modest, ignorant, melancholic reviewer…
Nevertheless, I was very pleased by 2010’s The Human Machine, so what about this new one?...

The New Elite does not infect my general opinion, unfortunately. Again I can mention ‘decent’, yet without getting sonic-horny. The opening title track brings up-tempo Death’n’Roll with a very old stylish and groovy rhythm, and this with, I need to say, a majestic sound / production. Yet as from the next song on (“Rise Up And Fight”), I start wondering…
As a matter of fact, it’s this: old bands that do play the same kind of shit time after time without adding anything interesting, well, f*ck it. Yet there’s no need to reinvent themselves, because why changing a winning team in case each effort gets more mature or professional?... Progression gets a specific definition in this case, yet of huge importance. And in Master’s case there’s no ‘replacement within a solid team’ (going for all aspects, not just the intern elements), yet still there’s no outstandingness in grades of (just that little more’. Self-identification is one thing, yet after almost thirty years the whole might be somewhatever
Nice but for such an experienced equipe not satisfying… A certain disappointment…


Ivan Tibos.