CD REVIEW Max Navarro

Band : Max Navarro
Album title : Hard Times
Label : Cherry Lips Records
Distributor : Cherry Lips Records
Release Date : 30/05/2012
Release : CD

Listening to this album brought me back to the eighties, with musicians like Rick Springfield, Tom Petty even a hint of Bryan Adams, but also of bands like Dire Straits.

But playing music that is influenced by these bands is not enough. This album fails in more than one way. To start with there seems to be something wrong with the production, that or it went totally wrong when mixing this album. Secondly, although he probably has a good voice, Max fails to show of his talents. Another thins that I’d like to point out is that with nine tracks, the album only has a playing time of just over 32 minutes. That’s something we ‘oldies’ were accustomed to when CD’s were not yet existing, and we were happily playing our vinyl albums...but nowadays????

To sum it up : it’s not a bad album, but it fails in some departments, and therefore will be soon forgotten I’m afraid. Maybe this will sell well in eastern countries like Japan, China etcetera but it will surely not leave a lasting impression in Europe or USA/ Canada.


Erik Morren.