CD REVIEW Mighty High

Band : Mighty High
Album title : Legalize The Bags
Label : Ripple Music
Distributor : Ripple Music
Release date : October 2012
Review : CD

Wow, I really don't even know where to begin with these guys. OK, here are some basics, they come from Brooklyn, this is the follow up to their 2011 debut disc In Drug City and the sound that they're hip to is punk garage acid rock but luckily it is also so much more than that. Their main influences come from the old-school bands of the genre, The Ramones, MC 5, The Litter, Bad Wizard, Dead Boys, Dictators, Motorhead, Alice Cooper, Grand Funk,..…

The music itself comes off as a grittier version of the devastatingly under-rated band once know as The Rods or maybe a more punk version of Foghat. This is pure, adrenaline fuelled dope rock, suitable for drinkin', fightin', snortin’ or fuckin', what ever your preference. The songs are simple, insanely catchy and each track manages to penetrate it's way into your brain on the first spin, so when it comes time to play the disc again, you find yourself salivating in anticipation of each song.

If I had to guess at who Mighty High’s fans will be, I'd say that the stoner crowd or readers of Freak Brothers, and maybe even some hardcore punks will pick up on it first, and then it will slowly infect the masses.