CD REVIEW My Sleeping Karma

Band : My Sleeping Karma
Album title : Soma
Label : Napalm Records
Distributor : Rough Trade Benelux – Tone Entertainment
Release date : 28/09/2012
Review : CD

Boasting a line-up comprised of former members of the defunct and little-heard of The Great Escape, My Sleeping Karma specializes in kraut, stoner and space rock, with a deep sense of jazz.

The compositions on their fourth cd Soma are structurally simplistic, but rich in atmosphere, haunting melody lines and expert instrumentation. Rock bass and percussion forms the backbone of the music for the greater part of the album, a driving percussive core riding beneath repetitious, melancholic guitar lines, delicate bass textures, and finely constructed keyboard ambience. While sometimes Brant Bjork/ Kyuss-like intense, the music is never harsh or grating on the mind. The overall atmosphere is both spiritual and exotic, invoking images of Hindu gods, endless desert sands and the sun setting on the Ganges River. The music has a drifting quality, content to linger on a few spare ideas, tempos are generally kept slow,  the themes are repetitious and uniformly groovy, though occasionally quite springy, jazzy and jovial. And above all, my kids luv it. Like it's three predecessors this album is of high quality and Soma still has that very recognisable own sound.

My Sleeping Karma has lived up to the expectations set in their previous recordings. The more you listen to this album the more you will appreciate it's finesse and detail wrapped in catchy tracks.