Band : Nova Art
Album title : The 3rd Step
Label : Club Inferno Entertainment
Distributor : Club Inferno Entertainment
Release Date : 05/03/2012
Release : CD

It seems the metal scene is really exploding these days, despite being ignored by most major radio stations, it’s our luck that the metalheads still go further than mankind has gone before to cite a famous TV series.  By which I mean it’s the fans who are taking care of the proliferation of our beloved music, by mouth to ear advertising. I had never ever before heard of this band, coming from Russia of all places, but who have already released two previous albums. 

This new album didn’t immediately catch my attention, because it’s a very special bland.  The music this band plays is indeed a mix of different styles, with some progressive elements in it, but also something akin Depeche Mode, but in a metal version, some traditional metal thrown in as well, and I would even dare to detect a hint of Gothic in it. It took a few spins, but after a while I really liked this album, because it was a totally new musical experience for me, since I’d never before heard such a blend of styles.  It’s a bit sad that this is only a mini-cd, containing six tracks, two of which covers. 

Not your everyday kind of music, so I’d strongly recommend listening to this album before buying it, because it’s something special.


Erik Morren.