CD REVIEW Nubian Rose

Band : Nubian Rose
Album title : Mountain
Label : Funklord Dynasty
Distributor : Funklord Dynasty
Release Date : 26/10/2012
Release : CD

Nubian Rose are a female-fronted Swedish band, and judging upon their debut album, with the right back up, they could make it big.

Think of Heart, but a heavier version, with a not so polished sound – although Heart did not always have that radio friendly sound either, just listen to "Barracuda" and you’ll know what I mean. Front woman Sofia Lilja is truly blessed with a heavenly voice, powerful yet still female, but also able to sing a ballad like in "How Am I". This is music that might have reached the charts – had we still been in the eighties.  Nowadays however they’ll need lots of touring and mouth to mouth advertising, and I’m sincerely hoping this review will aid the also in reaching the top. Most of the tracks on this album have been written by Christer Akerlund, the guitarist and Sofia, with only one track being a cover "Close My Eyes Forever".

I can only finish by saying that I’m looking forward to a next album of this band, and hope that one day or another they might make the trip to our countries so I’ll be able to see them perform live.


Erik Morren.