CD REVIEW Sabbath Assembly

Band : Sabbath Assembly
Album title : Ye Are Gods
Label : Svart Records
Distributor : Svart Records
Release date : 21/09/2012
Release : CD

Sabbath Assembly has just come up with a new album, entitled Ye Are Gods and it's even more beautiful than their debut record. The New York based band, consisting of Dave Nuss and Jamie Myers (ex-Hammers of Misfortune), goes by a reputation of being very experimental. Ye Are Gods is a wonderful release, especially with Myers' angelic voice soaring over dark and obscure gospel.

The album sounds incredibly theatrical, something like no metal fan has ever heard before. In contrast to the band's debut, Ye Are Gods beholds a more ritual atmosphere. Following the church's texts and rites, the album tells us something more about the unification of Jehovah, Lucifer Satan, and Christ. Opener "Let Us All Give Praise and Validation" flows flawlessly into "The Love of the Gods" which in turn flows into the stunning "We Come from the One". Eventually, the tracks all blend into a single sublime suite. Some songs have a strong hypnotic effect, so you better beware where you take Ye Are Gods for a listen.

With this new release, the New York based Sabbath Assembly is to be praised, that's for sure.