CD REVIEW Sula Bassana

Band : Sula Bassana
Album Title : Dark Days
Label : Sulatron Records
Distributor : Clearspot
Release Date : 2012
Review : CD

I have been following the career of German one man band Sula Bassana since his inception ten years ago, and never have I been disappointed by what multi-instrumentalist Dave Schmidt (Electric Moon, Zone Six, Liquid Visions) is doing.

Six original pieces welcome you for a stunning 75 minutes, twenty of which are devoured by “Surrealistic journey”.  While all six songs are superb, the Circle-esque power and flowing hallucinogenic juices of what Dave is capable of is showcased strongly within this song. “Underground” is a great choice as an opener. The rhythm is bouncy and the beefy riffs eat their way through the skull, whilst Dave keeps the pace in check with his measured and gripping Hillagean guitarwork. “Arriving nowhere” is another standout track with floating guitars, steady Holger Czukay-like percussion, and bubbling synths give an extra cosmic element to the mix.

Believe me now when I say that this is possibly the most essential space kraut rock album that was released in 2012, it is that damn good.