Band: T.A.N.K.
Title: Spasms Of Upheaval
Label: Symbol Muzik - Brennus Music
Distribution: Symbol Muzik - Brennus Music
Release date: August 31st 2012
Review: CD

French act Tank (the abbreviation for ‘Think of A New Kind’) return with their second full length, Spasms Of Upheaval, lasting for about fifty minutes. The whole was self-produced, and mixed + mastered at the Dome Studio with David Potvin of One Way Mirror/ Phaze I/ Lyzanxya-fame (he also contributes with backing vocals on a couple of songs, by the way, as does Threat Signal’s Jon Howard).

The album brings a mixture of modern and slightly Thrash-edged Melodic Death Metal, technical Metalcore and Groove Metal, yet it lacks of an own face, unfortunately. The intentions are nice, the execution is all right, but the level of originality, and therefore the necessary dose of interest, are a mostly negative aspect. Sad.

I suggest they do develop an own sound and their next record will be a hit!


Ivan Tibos.