CD REVIEW The Amity Affliction

Band: The Amity Affliction
Album title: Chasing Ghost
Label: Roadrunner Records
Distributor: CNR – Tone Entertainment – Concreteweb Promotion Office
Release date: September 2012
Release: CD

The Amity Affliction is an Australian post hardcore metal band which was named for a close friend of the band, who died in a car accident at the age of 17. 'Amity' referred to the friendship and 'Affliction' was indicated for the struggle of dealing with the death. In 2004, The Amity Affliction released a three track self-titled demo. At the time there were four members with former members Garth Buchanan on bass and Lachlan Faulkner on Drums. In late 2004, vocalist Joel Birch joined the band. Following, mid-2005, The Amity Affliction released their debut self-titled EP. After the release of the EP they toured the East Coast on their 2005 East Coast Tour.

In 2007, there was a lineup change when Lachlan Faulkner quit and Garth Buchanan left to a different band. Lachlan Faulkner later joined Saint Lucia. They then hired drummer, Troels Thomasson, Chris Burt on Guitar (originally on Bass), Ahren Stringer now on bass and the addition of a keyboardist, Trad Nathan. But now the band's current line-up consists of Joel Birch (vocals), Ahren Stringer (bass guitar, vocals), Ryan Burt (drums, percussion) and Troy Brady (guitar).

Their latest record can best be described as their previous album, but they build further on that one. they founded their winning formula on that one and added extra dimensions and depths for release while maintaining true to their defining sound. So if you are a fanboy or just a fan of this genre, you definitely are in for a treat, but t be honest I’ve heard better albums than this one.